NEC Beginner Course starting from 2nd week of September 2017.

Fee             : S$550 per person
Min Age    : 6 yrs and above
Time          : 10.00 – 10.45am

Session 1 (Saturday)                                                                
Start : 16-Sep-17  / Ends : 28-Oct-2017  CLOSED

Session 2 (Sunday)
Start : 17-Sep-17  / Ends :  29-Oct-2017  CLOSED
Course Outline
• Practical Stable Management Lesson with 1 horse
• Safety on the yard and around horses/ponies
• How to approach pony and un-do the head collar and un-do throat lash.
• How to walk and turn the horse/pony
• Bring the horse/pony up to the riding arena maintaining safe distances
• Mounting in the arena
• Adjust Girth, Stirrups
• Learn how to walk, halt and steer horse/pony
• Working on correct and balanced position
• Dismount and lead horses back to the stables
• Introduction to rising trot in a walk and halt to get the correct balance